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Our Niche

Opening Issues We Face Today.

The technology industry has a tremendous impact on society and individuals. For the last several decades, women have been greatly under-represented among the teams and leaders bringing new technologies to market. This has led to biased design in new technologies, even though women are among half of the population.

According to National Center for Women & Information Technology, women make up 28% of the workforce in computing and mathematical occupations in the United States in 2020.

This number has remained relatively stagnant over the past decade, indicating that the tech industry still has work to do in terms of improving gender diversity and inclusion. It is worth noting that the percentage of women in leadership positions within tech is even lower, with women representing only 18% of executives in the industry.

Our Mission and Vision

GetWITit is a non-profit organization, with a mission and vision.

Our Vision

Our vision is to aspire to cultivate local community engagement so that women can sustain, excel, and advance in technology careers.

Our Mission

To build a supportive environment where women and gender non-conforming individuals of all backgrounds flourish in technology and to create opportunities for women to inspire others.

Our Chapters

The foundation of our organization is the annual chapter conferences which provide new technology content while promoting empowerment and the inclusion of women in technology. Our chapters share ideas and create support systems through local events to ignite new relationships.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

getWITit's mission is to build a supportive environment where women of all backgrounds flourish in technology. We aim to create opportunities for women to inspire others and break down barriers in the tech industry.

getWITit supports women in technology through various initiatives. We provide mentorship programs, networking events, and workshops to help women develop their skills and advance in their careers. We also offer scholarships and financial assistance to support women pursuing education and training in technology fields.

getWITit is open to everyone who supports the mission of promoting gender diversity in technology. While our focus is on empowering women, we encourage allies, both men and women, to join our community and contribute to creating an inclusive environment.

There are several ways to get involved with getWITit. You can become a member and participate in our programs and events. You can volunteer your time to support our initiatives or contribute your expertise as a mentor. Additionally, you can donate to help us fund scholarships and other resources for women in technology.

getWITit regularly measures its impact through various metrics. We track the number of women who have benefited from our programs, such as mentorship or scholarship recipients. We also monitor career advancements and success stories of women who have been part of our community. Additionally, we collect feedback and conduct surveys to assess the overall satisfaction and impact of our initiatives.

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