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The $1.3T technology industry and its 1.7M+ open jobs are one of the fastest growing industries in the country. Every community is racing to provide the opportunity to its citizens, and yet only 20% of women make up this talent pool.

GetWITit aims to create a catalyst for economic growth, by uniting communities around this missed opportunity and offering a framework to address this issue. When essential pillars of a community unite, we are able to bridge gaps and address the problem from all angles.

Both men, women, and everyone in between must be a part of the effort to understand the impacts women in technology can have for both economic growth and technological innovation.

A Strategy for Change

Acceleration in the field of opportunities for women in technology is the systematic change that getWITit works toward. The essential part of that change comes with empowering the community to have conversations that promote awareness and empower action. Each local economy houses the key to awareness, resources, and the responsibility for change.


Empower the community by providing a prescribed set of structured micro-activities that facilitate collective action. Together we serve the community and ensure that the mission is carried out.

Unify Social Capital

Improve the local economy by increasing the number of women in technology, the pillars of the community must all be united. Bringing together government, academia, women’s interest groups, professional associations, and businesses is¬†essential.

Bridge Networks

Leverage the community’s social capital to increase access to knowledge, skill, opportunities, and relationships that are the essential pieces in increasing the number of women in technology.


Opportunity Awaits