Call for Speakers

getWITit would like to invite you to submit a topic for the upcoming conference in your location!

We segment the content into 4 categories, of topics and labs and/or interactive workshops. 

Here are some topic suggestions for submissions. The getWITit team welcomes all levels of speakers and are looking for exciting spins on traditional topics!

There is a curatorial coaching team that offers to help with content.

  • Innovation/Entrepreneurship:
    • New technologies such as 5G, Quantum Computing, 3D Printing, or Innovation as a Practice, or Startups, Gaining VC, Protecting IP etc.
  • Leadership & Career Development:
    • How women can improve their position and career roadmap, career development strategies, etc.
  • Advanced Technical:
    • Intriguing topics! If you would love to learn about it at a tech conference we want it here!
    • Kubernetes, Cloud Architecture, Microservices, Migrating Apps to the Cloud, AI/ML, Infrastructure/Architecture
  • Beginner Technical:
    • Any technical topic that can be easily accessible to a beginner to technology, business analyst, project manager, etc.

See an example of the topics from a past Columbus Conference 

Please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Name and Contact Information
  • Bio (we can help you as long as you give us facts about yourself)
  • Speaking Experience (list of events/references, or why you’d like to begin speaking)
  • Topic Title and Abstract (or a description of what you’d like to talk about – what’s your angle? We can coach you through a great topic abstract).
  • Type: Presentation, Workshop, Lap, etc.
  • Length: 15 minutes, 60 minutes, 120 Minutes
  • Social Media or Website Info